Longs Peak Steep


Longs Peak Steep is a delightful tasting tea which will give you the “vim vigor and vitality” to get to the top of Longs Peak”…or just enjoy its flavor and the energy it will give you while “drinking” in the majesty of this favorite mountain of RMNP

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Rooibos: antioxidant;
Eleutherococcus & Rhodiola Rosea – tones the adrenals for stress management;
Schisandra – increases energy, physical stamina & endurance, anti-aging;
Maca Root – boosts stamina and sexual vitality;
Goji Berry – improves circulation;
Lemon Peel & Lemongrass – antioxidant, calming flavor;
Lemon Balm & St. John’s Wort – anti-depressant actions;
Panax Ginseng – adaptogen, supports immune system, increases energy & stamina, improves memory;
Astragalus – immune stimulant, increases red blood cells for oxygen carrying capability;
Peppermint – energizing flavor;
Oat Straw – high in minerals and tones the nervous system;
Cloves, Cardamom, & Cinnamon – flavor, supports the digestive system;
Stevia Leaf – sweetening flavor;
Ginger Root & Black Pepper – immune & digestive tonic

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Weight 2.2 oz

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