• This combination of herbs helps to prevent altitude sickness. The herbs improve oxygenation to the brain, dilate the bronchioles of the lungs, help the body adapt to stress and utilize oxygen better. Reishi Mushroom is considered "the longevity herb" and the other herbs help manage stress and boost the immune system. Enjoy this tea anytime, anywhere!
  • Aspen Glow Herbal Tea

    Sip in the glow of the amazing flavors of mint-ginger that will soothe the spirit and help with digesting food...and the beauty of the Aspen Glow.
  • Boo-Boo Bear Lake Brew

    Boo Boo bear wants you to drink this digestive tea while walking around Bear Lake or just sitting and taking in the view. The herbs support your immune system, elevates your mood, helps manage stress and satisfies the desire for sweetness without calories. If you don't want it, he'll be happy to drink it for you.
  • This combination of herbs are high in minerals and provides nutrients that will bring a "spring to your step" as you go boulder hopping or just enjoy the trails of RMNP. The hops are anti-inflammatory, help decrease anxiety, and have flavonoids that decrease the free radical damage. After you hike, add a splash of scotch for a "Hop Scotch"!
  • Brain Teaser Tea

    Small batch & Hand-crafted in Colorado! Brain Teaser Tea is a mint-flavored herbal tea with a slight sweetness.  It can help improve mental alertness, memory & cognitive function...and tastes great!
  • Calm Uplifting Tea

    Small batch & Hand-crafted in Colorado! Calm-Uplifting Tea is a light mint flavored herb tea that will calm the nervous system, tone the adrenal glands,  and lift your spirits!
  • Detoxify-Me Tea

    Small batch & Hand-crafted in Colorado! Detoxify-Me Tea is a pleasant tasting tea which contains herbs that gently support the liver and digestive system to eliminate toxins in the body and help maximize health and well-being.
  • Digestive Tea

    Small batch & Hand-crafted in Colorado! Digestive Tea contains herbs that are soothing and nurturing to the digestive system.
  • Dream Lake Sleepy Tea

    Let this gentle mint tea take ou into a tranquil state where Dream Lake memories tak you into a place of magic and delight while you sleep...and awaken refreshed to create new ones!
  • This flavorful herbal tea blend was inspired by ENos Mills who was responsible for the founding of RMNP. A quote from him: "The forests are the flags of nature. They appeal to all and awaken inspiring universal feelings. Enter the forest and the boundaries of nations are forgotten. It may be that some time an immortal pine will be the flag of a united and peaceful world."
  • Heart & Soul Tea

    Small batch & Hand-crafted in Colorado! Heart & Soul Tea contains herbs that are tonifying to the heart, soothing for the soul, sweet to the palate!
  • Immune Building Tea

    Small batch & Hand-crafted in Colorado! Immune Building Tea is a light mint flavored tea that contains herbs high in anitoxidants and are known to stimulate the immune system that may help prevent illness.

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