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More than 35 years experience as a Registered Nurse in clinical practice.  Her long history as a clinical herbalist, nutritionist and massage therapist have demonstrated her effectiveness in assisting clients with a variety of health issues.  Extensive training in guided meditation counseling to help with psycho/emotional/spiritual healing.

  • Received Certification as an Herbalist at Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies in Boulder, Colorado with over 1200 hours of education and clinical training.
  • Received Certification as a Nutritionist at The National Institute for Medical Herbalism
  • Obtained Massage Therapy Certification from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado and maintains licensure through the State of Colorado
  • Extensive continuing education in Functional Medicine which focuses on finding and treating the cause of physical symptoms, rather than just treating the symptoms themselves.

Commitment to high quality products:

Use organic ingredients in all of our products with an occasional wild-crafted herb/ingredient when organic is not available


We ship our products as soon as they are processed so you can enjoy them as quickly as possible.

Individualized 1:1 private consultations to assure safety and comprehensive approach to healing and wellness

“I approach each client with compassion and recognize each person as having unique issues that leads me to individualizing an herbal/nutrition and massage program to fit their needs.  I do extensive initial consultations that allow for a thorough evaluation of each client and provide an opportunity to maximize the potential outcome for health.  We work as a team to accomplish your goals.  I am mentor, teacher, friend.”  Mary Hunter