• Rooibos Chai

    Small batch & Hand-crafted in Colorado! Rooibos Chai is a warming, spicy, aromatic tea designed after traditional Indian healing recipes.  This chai delights the palate, body and soul with gentle penetrating flavors and is blended in a caffeine-free base of rooibos, which is a highly antioxidant herb.  With Stevia Leaf in this blend, you can enjoy the sweetness of chai without the added calories of sugar.
  • Longevi-Tea

    Small batch & Hand-crafted in Colorado! Longevi-Tea (formerly Altitude with Attitude Tea) is designed to promote health and vitality with Reishi Mushroom the primary longevity herb blended with others that help stress management, support the immune system and promote a feeling of wellness.
  • Calm Uplifting Tea

    Small batch & Hand-crafted in Colorado! Calm-Uplifting Tea is a light mint flavored herb tea that will calm the nervous system, tone the adrenal glands,  and lift your spirits!
  • Digestive Tea

    Small batch & Hand-crafted in Colorado! Digestive Tea contains herbs that are soothing and nurturing to the digestive system.
  • Garlic Onion Seasoning

    Small batch & Hand-crafted in Colorado!
    • BBQ rub on all meats. 
    • All purpose seasoning. 
    • Use on mashed potatoes, stir-fry, and all vegetables.
    Blended with organic ingredients and Celtic Sea Salt Kelp is in each blend which provides a natural source of minerals especially magnesium and iodine. Refill packages are available so you can reuse your bottle and save money!
  • Brain Teaser Tea

    Small batch & Hand-crafted in Colorado! Brain Teaser Tea is a mint-flavored herbal tea with a slight sweetness.  It can help improve mental alertness, memory & cognitive function...and tastes great!
  • Kids Tea

    Small batch & Hand-crafted in Colorado! Kids Tea Kids' Tea is a delightful, flavorful, medicinal, tea blend for kids of ALL ages.  It supports the immune system, elevates the mood, helps manage stress and satisfies the desire for sweetness without calories or creating energy swings.

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